all new hyundai i20 with pioneer headunit....installed at motominds. .

The all new fiat linea oem audio system replaced with the aftermarket pioneer highend prs 80@ motominds. .

The all new nissan terrano with the all new pioneer avh 5690 headunit..@ motominds

Verna fluidic audio upgraded with pioneer touch screen audio player with bluetooth nd reverse parking camera.

skoda yeti company oe system upgraded to a pioneer 80 bt with navigation and all this without tampering the wiring @motominds

Honda wrv alloys installed @motominds.. company headunit upgraded with pioneer car play headunit.....

The all new 2015 xuv 500 installed with HRS alloys.and complete audio changed from stock to pioneer....

honda brv company headunit replaced with pioneer 80 bt with navigation, front and rear camera and sensors @motominds

Hyundai Elantra audio upgrades# pioneer apple car play and android auto enabled heagunits.# no wire tampering OEM installation.

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